Syllabus Material used in closed competition should be based on the current NDCAstep list. No continuity in Bronze American entries. Open divisions are not materialrestricted.
Dance Levels: A student may enter two consecutive dance standards (Bronze and Silver, Silver and Gold,Gold and Gold Star). If you are entered in Bronze you may dance all Bronze and Silverlevels but may not enter Gold or Gold Star levels.
Scholarships: For each scholarship a student enters, he/she must dance the same amount of dances in single or championship dance events. Scholarships and championships are unisex and have different age categories than freestyle events.
Solos Solos are limited to 3 minutes. Music must be on individual CD’s. Solojudging is on impression. Students receive score and comments.
Adjudicating: The decision of the judges shall be final. Our judges are highly qualified and are not to beharassed or questioned about their reasons for markings. The Chairman of Judges shallbe responsible for decisions concerning ties or any problems arising over marks. Theskating system of judging shall be used.
Age Divisions: Adults may enter their true age category and one division younger. Preteen, Juniors, andYouth may enter their true age category and one division older.
On Deck Area: Dancers are required to be in the “On Deck” area two heats prior to their scheduled heat. Anycompetitor not on the floor when the Master of Ceremonies calls, is subject to disqualificationfor that heat. Please be advised that changes may be made from the original program and alldancers should be in the ballroom at least 30 minutes prior to the time they are scheduled.
Late Entries: Entries must be received by February 28, 2023.
Payments: All payments received after the deadline must be by Cashier’s Check or Money Order madeout to Best of Rhythm Productions. Credit cards may be used for up to $500 for depositsand ticket orders. Personal or studio checks WILL NOT be accepted.
Cancellations/Refunds The deadline for cancellation refunds isFebruary 28, 2023. If the organizers arenotified after the deadline, refunds will be considered only in case of an emergency and adoctor’s certificate is required. The organizer will not refund any money for expenses he haspaid that cannot be recuperated. Refunds will be mailed 30 days after the event. Anycanceled entries are subject to a cancellation fee.
Videos: No personal video cameras will be allowed. Professionally produced videos and photographswill be available for purchase.
Charges The organizer cannot be held responsible for any personal charges made to the hotel.All participants must pay for their own personal charges including phone and room service.

Sanctioned by the WDC and Cuban Ministry of Culture